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2017-08-30 Wed

22:31 Log Buffer #520: A Carnival of the Vanities for DBAs (2600 Bytes) » Official Pythian Blog

This Log Buffer covers Oracle, SQL Server and MySQL.


Create a Custom Authentication and Authorization Scheme in Oracle APEX

Diagnosing Listener Issues in RAC

What Are NULL pname entries in v$process?

SecureFile LOB – the empty table

Apache Spark for High Energy Physics Analysis, an Example

SQL Server:

Imagine that your business is providing a service to individuals, and you charge by the amount of usage.

Incremental Package Deployment – A SSIS 2016 Feature

Implementing Azure SQL Data Sync in the Azure Portal

TDS Remoting: A Better Way to Create Linked Servers for ODBC Sources

Database Fundamentals #8: All About Data Types


Cost/Benefit Analysis of a MySQL Index

IO-bound sysbench on a smaller server

Looking at Disk Utilization and Saturation

MySQL 5.7 InnoDB Tablespace

Using Active Record migrations beyond SQLite

2017-08-29 Tue

22:45 Taking Your Data and Analytics to the Cloud (2375 Bytes) » Official Pythian Blog
Live Webinar

Taking Your Data and Analytics to the Cloud
Thursday, September 28th at 2 p.m. ET

As the urgency to compete on analytics continues to revolutionize the business world, more and more organizations are moving their data to the cloud to capitalize on cost-efficiencies and time-to-value opportunities. The technologies underpinning big data and cloud computing are converging and offering businesses new capabilities for fast, easy, wide-ranging data access. If integrated and managed properly, this presents a great opportunity for businesses today.


On Thursday, September 28 at 2 p.m. ET Danil Zburivsky, Director of Big Data and Data Science at Pythian, will join Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) along with two other presenters for a live roundtable webinar “Taking Your Data and Analytics to the Cloud.”


During the webinar, they will review architecture, integration, governance and security scenarios, as well as discuss the benefits many businesses are currently reaping by taking their data and analytics to the cloud. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the key challenges and success factors.


Register today to reserve your seat.